Mitel UC360 Audio Conference Unit with MX-ONE

We are pleased to announce the General Availability of the MiVoice Conference Unit / Mitel UC360 Conference Telephone, for Audio conferencing, together with MX-ONE 5.0 SP5 (see Release Note for MX-ONE 5.0 SP5 HF1). The UC 360 is a conference/loud speaker phone for usage with both the MX-ONE internal conferencing feature and for usage with the units internal 4-party conference bridge. In addition the UC360 also offers in-room Display and Presentation Management if connected to an external display or a projector. When using these two services in combination you’ll find the UC360 being a flexible and highly efficient multimedia collaboration device suitable for small and mid-sized meeting rooms.

Highlights with UC360:

  • Wideband Audio, with an array of 16 microphones in 360 degree take-up
  • Display Presentation, HDMI interface
  • GUI, large built-in touch display
  • Internet access for cloud based collaboration, , WebEx™,, Dropbox ™, Box, Google Docs™, Exchange ™
  • Configured as Aastra SIP phone in MX-ONE, LDAP/AD Corporate Directory access