About us

Flexcom Company Limited is a telecom system integrator, and is active in the execution of Telecom System projects mainly in the Government such as MOI, MOH, PEA, EGAT, Military sectors as well as medium and large enterprises segment. It operates in the field of telecommunication engineering, design, integration and construction. The company has successfully participated in major ICT projects.
FLEXCOM Company Limited has been established since 2000 by experienced management staffs from world leading telecom company. It recruits high competency staffs to establish a small company but high capability, performance to engage the flexible company. About 50 employees, we’re able to provide the variety solutions that meet customer requirements.
We offer a comprehensive range of advance technology and telecommunications network including System Integration Solution such as IPBX, CCTV, IP Video Collaboration, Radio Transport Systems, Access Network System, Core Network, Passive Optical Network Solution, Air Blown Fiber Optic solution to our clients. We are expending our expertise into energy system e.g. AC Power Substation and Power System Maintenance.
For emergency situation or military operations require an instantaneous coordination between the various organizations or troops, we provide Tactical open Access Node (TAN) for military operation. While our Rapid Deployable Communications System (RDCS) is suitable for National Security and Public Safety (NSPS). It is a comprehensive solution for integration of voice, data, video and all transmissions over cutting edge and legacy technologies.

Vision :

Being reliable Communication Network Provider beyond customer expectation.

Our Mission :

To provide the suite of services and products that enable clients to strengthen internal control, improve project governance and be more successful and profitable.
To hire, empower, and retain the most talented employees committed to serving our clients by steering the employees into a common goal.
To become known as the best enabler for operational efficiency improvement, to our clients’ businesses through excellent customer service and collaboration.
To build a strong and respected brand associated with being a trusted corporate strategy advisory that will synonymous with improving and solving the clients’ business challenges through technology change and innovation.
To be the preferred strategic partner with our clients, by delivering innovative solutions that will make our clients’ business more profitable, and competitive.

Our Culture Statement :

Our approach is unique because we deliver end-to-end solutions within complex, fully integrated multivendor environment. We are principally understand the individual business issues of each of our customer to ensure their information technology strategies position them to maintain leadership in their respective markets.

Our Values :

User First – Consider the user experience in everything we do
Clear and Simple Communication – Committed to using accessible language and being transparent
Stay Secure – Be champions of good practice, proactively managing risks related to information technology
Equitable and Open – In our service provision and professional approach, providing access to our expertise and resources
Agile approach – Adopt a flexible operational approach and mind-set by anticipating and adapting positively to change
From provider to ‘partner’ – Develop a partnership approach to working, through close collaboration and integrated processes
Develop our people – Contribute to staff development, continuing to build capabilities and talents to delivery excellent service

Our Expertise :

  • Enterprise Telecommunication Solution : Mitel MiVoice MX ONE Telephony System, IP (SIP) Telephony, Video endpoint and Video Conference, BYOD and IP contact center.
  • Communication Network Solution : LAN, WAN, Wireless, WiFi, P2P IP link and MIMO, Firewall & Security.
  • Military Communication : Tactical access node.
  • IoT (Internet of Things) Solution : Application and sensors for CCTV, LoRaWAN, Infrared.
  • Network management : LDAP, SNMP, MIB, Topology, Tracking and accounting.
  • Networking infrastructure : SDH, WDM, Microwave, Fiber Optic Transmission, LTE.
  • Energy System Services
  • Office Automation
  • Building Control
  • Data Center