MiVoice MX-ONE

MX-ONE Lite Gateway

The MX-ONE Lite 3U chassis equipped with MGU2 and optionally other boards. When an MX-ONE server board is mounted, board positions are also available up to 3 Trunk board, Analog extension or Digital extension boards.

MX-ONE communication system can be built as a centralized system with multiple servers, media servers and media gateways in one place or these components can be distributed over multiple locations. Scaling from 50 to 500K users using a mixture of IP/SIP, mobile, digital, analog, and cordless extensions in a single system. Also offers High Availability by supporting Server Redundancy, Network Redundancy and VMware HA/FT.

The MX-ONE can consist of a maximum of 124 Service Nodes (MX-ONE Service Nodes). Each server controls from one to 15 media gateways of the MX-ONE 1U, Lite 3U, Classic 7U or Media Server type.

There are two types of servers to install Service Nodes. Mitel ASU-II based on an embedded server board, The other alternative is a standard server, which is a high-end server (DELL, HP, and so on). Also support virtualization Hyper-V 2016 and VMware ESXi 6.7

License simplification

  • Only ”per user” license tags are controlled
  • Convert any existing TDM device to SIP extension anytime
  • Easy transition from TDM to SIP/UCC

Branch office Media Gateway

  • 2 models offering a cost effective replacement for SBN concept
  • EX version supports KVM based Service Node offering full functionality for SIP sets
  • GX version is self-suffcient GW appliance for local survivability for SIP and analog sets without the need for a local SN on ASU

Mitel EX Controller – Highlights

The EX Controller bundles the capabilities of a Session Border Controller and a Media Gateway.

Designed with MX-ONE SN KVM support to have full MX-ONE feature set for local SIP devices in medium size remote sites. Media Server can reside onboard to offer local conferencing and MOH/MOW resources. Provides PSTN GW interfaces for local hop-off.

It is connected to the main site using SIP trunks. It can be configured as a standalone local branch node or as a local back-up node for survivability.

EX Gateway Options

DSP for EX Controller
4 Port FXS
4 Port FXO
1 Port PRI

Mitel GX Gateway – Highlights

The GX Gateway combines a Session Border Controller and a Media Gateway in a robust survivable platform for remote office SIP deployment providing QoS monitoring, security, survivability, offers local breakout towards legacy PSTN network for local SIP /analog phones in case of loss of contact with a central site for whatever reason.

Predefined configurations for GX Gateway

  • Mitel GX Gateway, 1PRI 8FXS
  • Mitel GX Gateway, 24FXS
  • Mitel GX Gateway, 8FXO 8FXS

Mitel GX Gateway, 8BRI 8FXS