Mitel Performance Analytics for MiVoice MX-ONE

Drive revenues and reduce costs with proactive fault and performance management.

Device and Container Dashboard

Voice Quality Panel

Performance Monitoring

Troubleshooting Tools

Detailed Voice Quality

Monitor traffic on SIP trunks

Alarms and Notifications

Alarms and Notifications

Alarm management:

  • Alarms colour coded by location and severity
  • Displayed on geographic map
  • Reduce alarm clutter: hide, silence same type or filter alarms by severity
  • Assign alarms and create/edit tickets

Alerts by email, SMS, Twitter…

  • Alert profiles for different users, days/times of the week
  • Alarms can be sent as digest, for reduced alert fatigue
  • In-browser alarm notification

Alarm Types

    • Device Alarms – generated by monitored devices
    • Threshold Alarms – generated by MPA when configured threshold are exceeded (ie: voice quality)
    • System Alarms – generated by MPA to indicate service problem for a monitored device (ie: “iSNMP unreachable”)

Faster Problem Detection & Resolution

    • Around the clock monitoring of voice quality and other performance metrics.
    • Monitoring of both Mitel and multi-vendor systems gives full visibility.
    • Alerts ensure the right person receives actionable data at the right time.
    • Prevent problems with insight from agent-based synthetic call testing and site qualification
    • Secure remote access to devices and active testing tools simplify troubleshooting.