Alcatel-Lucent  OXO Connect & OXO Connect Evolution

Communication Server for SMBs Scalable.
Customer-focused. Reliable and Cost-effective.

Enterprise phone system for small and medium

  • Native support for Digital, Analog, IP, SIP desk phones, Soft phone
  • Support for trunk Analog, ISDN PRI, IP H.323, IP SIP
  • Native connectivity to Rainbow cloud
  • From 50 to 300 extensions per system
  • Automated attendant: One tree, two levels
  • Multiple automated attendant: Up to four languages, Up to five different trees, Three levels with ten choices per tree
  • Multiple company welcome
  • Smart Call Routing rules to connect quickly customer or partner incoming calls to the right company destination. Criteria: caller number, called number, account code.
  • Integrated voicemail
OXO Connect
OXO Connect Evolution