Mitel MiCollab

Powering communications for when and where you need it

Key Features

• UC clients for desktop, mobile devices and web
• Real-time presence information of colleague
• Highly collaborative, persistent workspace for
team-based meetings, conversations, content
collaboration and project management
• Team-based collaboration capabilities that
include guest access
• Full access to corporate, personal, and offboard LDAP directories from any location
• Secure one-to-one and group chat
• Presence and communications connectivity
within Outlook

Ensuring effective communications is essential in today’s
fast-paced, mobile marketplace. Mitel® MiCollab provides
the essential mix of tools that helps connect employees
together from anywhere, on any device, at any time
allowing for spontaneous or planned communications and
collaboration. Whether it is through instant messaging,
voice, desktop video, or web collaboration, employees
are able to choose the method that works best given the
reasons for meeting, the people involved, and their current

MiCollab’s mobile-first design enables an in-office
experience for all your mobile and remote employees, by
providing unified communications clients designed for use
on their device of their choice – be it a smartphone, tablet
or PC.

MiCollab supports a range of deployment options
including software only for deployment on industry
standard servers, as a virtual machine on VMware®
vSphere® or Hyper-V, or as software pre-integrated
on a business-class, rack-mounted server1.

When deployed within a VMware environment MiCollab
can be managed through VMware vCenter™ management
tools, providing resource efficiencies and a single business
continuity plan across all of your business applications.

When it comes to working alongside other applications
your business may already have, MiCollab integrates with
and provides enhanced communications and collaboration
functionality with leading business applications, including
Microsoft Outlook and Office365.