Flexcom Company Limited

FLEXCOM Company Limited has been established since 2000 by experienced management staffs from world leading telecom company. It recruits high competency staffs to establish a  company with high capability and performance to serve all business sectors in communication.


Being reliable Communication Network Provider beyond customer expectation.

Our Mission

  • To provide the suite of services and products that enable clients to strengthen internal control, improve project governance and be more successful and profitable.
  • Having diversified and skillful professional ,we committed to serve our clients by steering our clients by steering our staff into a common goal.
  • We are the best enabler for operational efficiency improvement, to our clients’ businesses through excellent customer service and collaboration.
  • Recognized as a strong and respected brand associated with being a trusted corporate strategy advisory that will synonymous with improving and solving the clients’ business challenges through technology change and innovation.
  • We implement the preferred strategic partner with our clients, by delivering innovative solutions that will make our clients’ business more profitable, and competitive.

Our Expertise

Enterprise Telecommunications Solutions

  • IP  (Sip) Telephony
  • Analog / Hybrid telephone
  • Wireless PABX
  • Cloud PABX
  • Voice / VDO Conference
  • Contact Center

Communication Network Solution

  • Wan
  • Lan
  • Wifi
  • IP Link
  • Cyber Security

Military Communication

  •  Tactical Access Node



Transmission Structure

  • Fiber Optic
  • Microwave
  • SDH
  • LTE