Reliable, scalable and cost-effective
solution to record and supervise calls

  • Web-based interface
  • Call recording in VoIP, digital, analog, SIP set (voice and video), Trunk side E1 or T1, SIP trunk, SIPREC and mixed environments
  • Rich recording facilities: Total recording of all call traffic, on demand, retroactive, random purge, specific calls
  • Web-enabled architecture that makes it easy to locate and use recordings
  • Support of Multi-Node environment (up to 8)
  • Support of virtualization (VMWare)
  • High Availability (HA) in warm standby
  • Centralization of recordings from independent satellite sites to a central server IP
  • Single side conversation recording
  • 4059EE Attendant console recording (major limitations apply, refer to product documentation)
  • Support of multiple audio formats (MP3, GSM6.10, WAV)
  • Records encryption
  • Login authentication via Radius server, Microsoft Active Directory
  • Multi-tenant mode
  • Emailing of calls as file attachments
  • Multiple language interface
  • Screen Capture for playback of all data entries and desktop interactions synchronized with the call recording, fully trace any given conversation
  • Silent monitoring : Remote and discrete monitoring of agents by listening to their conversations in real time for a consistent evaluation of the customer service
  • Quality Monitor : Evaluation of recorded agents or users. Suite of reports to provide an insight into the performance of an individual, or team. Dashboard to view the evolution.